So two weeks ago I'm in NC this weekend visiting with the in-laws. We had a late family Christmas celebration on Saturday. Sunday we went to church, did some shopping, and then went to Ri-Ra's for an early birthday dinner for Celly. Monday morning we packed up the car and I dropped the wife off at an Antique mart while I went to get the oil changed in her car. While I'm waiting for the car, I check my messages. There are a bunch of the typical text messages from work and one voicemail from Frazier. Who just happened to be the one running a raffle. A raffle that Keltik had bought me a ticket for. 1 ticket. A raffle for a 2003 (100th Anniversary Edition) Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide motorcycle! A raffle that...

I WON!!!!! Holy crap, I've never won anything before. Not Pirate Feast raffles, not radio call-ins, not Cub Scout cake raffles, and never more than $2 on lottery tickets (which is why I don't play them anymore.)


Sunday, January 30th
I was a little worried when it started snowing but it turned out to be incredibly lucky that it did.

I originally reserved a small 10-foot truck from U-Haul. That size doesn't have a built in ramp so I went and bought a nice big piece of wood to use as a ramp. Well, it seems the U-Haul place stores their truck in a field behind the station. I'm sure you can guess was several hours of snow/rain/snow did. We tried for half an hour Sunday morning to get that truck unstuck. While we were doing that, someone returned a 15-foot truck (the kind with the built in ramp). So they gave me that one at the 10-foot truck price.

By then it was almost noon so the roads were pretty clear. We headed into DC and between Frazier, Russell (Mad props for following us all the way to DC to help!), Celly and myself we managed to wrestle the bike into the back of the truck. I think I would have been SOL if I would have had that 10-footer and a piece of wood. That bike is HEAVY! Getting it out of the truck was much, much easier. (Big shout out to Todd for helping with that!) And yes, once again we called John and Lisa so that they could hear Marcy rev mah engine, yo.

It's very different than my Honda. I ran it for a couple minutes (just HAD to hear it once!) but since it's missing the baffle section of the pipes I shut it down quickly. I have the baffle ends but I think I'm missing a bracket cause I don't see how they connect. (No, it didn't come with an owner's manual or service manual. I'll be shopping for those this week.)

Anyway, that was my Sunday adventure.

Thar she is, folks!

She's a 2003 Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide

A 100th anniversary edition

My, she's yar.

(This part will only interest WhizzrJohn)
From the back

From underneath the back pipe

From under the front pipe (you can see the crossover here)

New muffler