Last weekend was one of the best weekends I've had in a long time. The Salim's came down and stayed with Marcy and Todd. We met them all on Friday night at the Cone Zone (ice cream shop) for the Cruise-In (antique cars, hot rods, and motorcycle gathering). As soon as I saw them all coming across the parking lot my mood went up several degrees. Not that my mood was bad to begin with but they are the family of my heart. We sat around talking for about an hour (mostly John and I talked about motorcycles and clubs. Shocking, isn't it?)

Saturday morning I did a quick run up to Betty's Sewing World and got the backpatch from my riding club (Southern Cruisers Riding Club) sewn onto my leather vest. As soon as I got home I started cooking brunch in anticipation of everyone coming over. Timing couldn't have been better, I was just cleaning the last pan when they arrived. So after giving everyone a quick tour of the house we all loaded up on grub and sat around for a couple hours catching up until the food coma overtook most of us. Our guests went back to their base of operations and while Celly finished a knitting project I decided to take a nap. (Okay, so "decided" isn't exactly correct. It was more like all the energy left my body and I found myself waking up an hour later still in the same chair.)

By then it was time to get ready to head to beautiful Ellicot City, MD for Lilly's pool party. According to MapQuest it is 56 miles from our house to Ellicot City which would make this the longest motorcycle ride Celly and I have done together. She did great though and didn't motion that she needed to stretch until we were about 5 miles from our destination.

The pool party was awesome. I got to lounge around in the pool until I was wrinkly as a prune (I love the water and don't get to play in it often enough.) We got a short, intense downpour at one point which drove off those less serious about their partying. Somehow we then got into a bubble-blowing and innuendo contest. I love that I got to sit around and laugh (and blow!) until my cheeks hurt with some of the most twisted minds of our generation. Yea, I'm talking about you John Bob and Draco. Freaks.

We stayed later than I had planned but I was having too much fun to leave. Finally Celly and I fired up the bike and headed for home around 12:30. It was then I realized that I needed to get gas. We tried three different places before we finally found a firestation and got directions to the closest open gas station. We barely, and I do mean barely, made it to the pumps. After filling up and getting back out on the highway, it tried to rain on us again. Eventually it stopped that nonsense and we continued toward home. Celly was so pooped she kept dozing off on the back. *g* We finally got home around 2:00 AM and crashed.

Houseguests enjoying a tasty brunch

WhizzrJohn going back for second breakfast thirds.

Hot chicks!

Drogonfly in our garden


Our hostess

Da pool

Hot pool chicks!