Last weekend was the

Ani, celly, John, and Dranaan (by the sink)

Daisy, the Wonder Beagle

Russell, Dranaan, Lisa, and Todd

My little buddy, MonkeyBoy!

Lacy (MonkeyBoy's mom)

Some of Todd's 10
Ani, John, Lisa, David, Celly, Lacy, Russell, and Todd

That's right, Todd, you only get 10. When you look like George Clooney, then you may have another.

The floor show

MissAni with the Boobie Crown of Power! Ooooo... naugh-ty.

All in! Go all in!

Well, it ain't a party until someone wears a bra on his head

Oh, what a proud spouse Ani must be...

Monkey playing with the Purple Power Hat of DOOOM!

and successfully thwarting my photographic attempts

Daddy (Justin) tries to help


Marcy's working that hat, yo.

"You can leave your hat on..."

or... take your bra off. Either way, I'm good.

Some girls have all the luck

Late night chatting

This leetle piggy went to MDRF, and this leetle piggy went to Tux...

David, the big winner of the night, with his fanclub