First, a sneak peak at the reception hall...

It's a nice sized room with 2 fireplaces.

Friday night was Celly's birthday with family party

Jessie (dog), Alex, Janet, and Cliff



Saturday night was Celly's birthday with friends party

Apparently they needed TWO cakes to hold all the candles

< Insert your own joke here >

Some of the partiers

Um... does that mean she likes it??

More prezzies!


Evelyn and Lance

Hmmmm... I wonder what she's smiling about

Ahhhh... the spankings.

I'm surprised she could still sit down.




And now, because it's my website, my latest craft project

I wanted to see how the two toned paint looked on a black background (with flash)

(without flash) Not only does the paint change color but it looks ghostly on the black