Saturday morning was a bit overcast so Celly and I bundled up in the leather and left around 7:30 AM for Martinsburg. We arrived at the designated meeting point, a Sheetz gas station, shortly after 8:00 AM. We all got some breakfast, bisquits for cellymcfae and I and a nice tankful of petrol for Hummin'bird. We then joined the growing row of motorcycles parked over to the side. About a dozen bikes showed up (including a trike) for the run and we were kickstands up by 8:30 AM.

I fell into the fourth position of our little convoy. Now this is the first time I'd ever ridden with more than one other motorcycle (even that was 10 years ago) so I was a little nervous. I had reviewed the common hand signals for group riding but still, the first time you do something it's a little scary. For the first 20 miles or so I concentrated on keeping a good following distance and repeating the hand signals as they were passed down the line from the Road Captain (the lead bike). We kept a fairly constant speed along a secondary road as we traveled north into Pennsylvania.

We stopped at a gas station somewhere in southern PA so that one of the riders could pick up his grandson. While there, most people used the restrooms and divested themselves of their helmets. And yes, I left my helmet on. (mostly because Celly would get upset and also cause there wasn't anyplace for me to carry it on the bike ;)) I probably should have taken off my leather jacket then because the day was turning out to be bright and sunny unlike the rainy, overcast day they had predicted.

Soon after we left whatever little town we were in, we entered a state park. Now by this time I had gotten used to the whole group riding thing. I was passing on the signals, maintaining my distances from the bikes in front of me, flashing my brakes as I slowed or stopped, etc. It was a lot cooler under the trees and the curvy road was a lot of fun to ride. I think that was the best part of the whole day.

I'm not sure what time we actually got to Carlisle. We had a short wait to get in and by then Celly feeling the affects of riding for that long. I think it was then that I decided her biker name should be "Fidget". *g* Once we were all in we parked our bikes and then headed off in different directions to partake of the shopping and shows. cellymcfae and I headed straight for the nearest food and restrooms. *g*

After I had filled and emptied myself, we started wandering around the vendor areas. There were a lot of cutom builder booths full of bar-hoppers and butt jewelry. Intermingled amongst them were some big name companies that carried products of interest to bikers like Meguier's and Red Wing Shoes. Then on the other side of the park were the flea market vendors. This consisted of a lot of B-grade leather vendors, old Harley parts, t-shirts and toys. If I had some more knowledge about what might fit my bike I could have bought some stuff, but I don't know any of the sizes for things I want. I did pick up a leather hat for $20 that has a wide brim to keep the sun off and I can stuff it in a saddle bag. We also spent like an hour in a booth looking at helmet stickers. We picked up a dozen or so. As we were walking back to the bike, Celly found a fringed leather vest that she liked so we got that too.

We left around 5:00 PM with about 6 bikes this time. We stopped at a little diner outside of town for dinner and got to know some of the people better. Then it was a leasurely ride down Rte 11 to Martinsburg and then home to Charles Town. We were both tired and sore so we fell into bed fairly quickly to happy motorcycle dreams.

Arriving in Carlisle, PA

Bikes entered in the custom bike show

Hehehe.... it's a woody.


Hey! Who's yankin' on that red teet?!?

Grooooovy, man.