On Saturday, July 27, 2003, Karen and I found ourselves in the Bronx, NY for the wedding of Avril and Mike. We were very honored to have been invited. As expected, it was hot and humid but not unbarably so. We had a really good time and Karen got to meet some people she hadn't previously. Unfortunately I forgot my digital camera and had to use a disposible one, so the pictures are a little darker than I like.

John, Lisa, (Joe), BetNoir and Vicky

Faith and Vicky

The Marcy


Eric, Tink, Jim...

Avril being escourted in

Wedding stage. (kinda dark, I know)

Avril and Mike as husband and wife

Wedding party marching off (to the Imerial March from Star Wars)

Lisa, Dawn, Avril and Crickett

Daniel and Lessa

Todd and Marcy

Dana and Faith

Avril and Mike being introduced

The Head Table

The Wedding Couple's First Dance