February 2, 2002 (02/02/02) was the first annual dinner feast sponsored by the Avon 3-Day Breast Cancer Walkers known as Team Wench. Since this was our first time putting on such an event, we chose the launching of the mythical ship the Three Ravens as a theme. Captain Keltique blessed our madness (and truth be known, she encouraged it) as we set about to put on a grand pira... er, privateer feast.

My job was to sell raffle tickets and invasion style pins that say "3 Ravens 02/02/02". The only chance I got to go upstairs (where the feasting tables and entertainment were) was just before each raffle to call attention with my boatswain's pipe. So sadly, I didn't get to see any of the entertainment.

Not that all the lovely pirate wenches that I did see weren't entertaining, but you know... that was mostly in my head.

According to justLori: "All had fun, and in the end, we raised OVER THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS for the research and cure of breast cancer! These proceeds will be divided equally between the Team Wench (East) members for the walk from Baltimore to D.C."

So congratulations to the crew of the Three Ravens, a mightly Huzzah! for TeamWench and let's all do our part to save the Boobies!

There's a scurvy bunch if I have ever seen one

Yikes! Speaking of scurvy...

Hey! How come guy is hogging all the pirate wenches?!?

Look at that line, they must giving away free grog!

"Sorry buddy, you have to buy a ticket just like everyone else."

My personal favorite piratanical wench.

Raffle Booty! (The items on the table, ye mangy seadog, not the Wenches!)

Here's where I spent most of the evening

Notice the tiny 3 Ravens flag. (Yeah, I made that. :-)

The downstairs room

The Pyrates Royale were singing upstairs.

The following pictures were taken by Ralph the Hairstick God

Your ship's Bruise Director at work. Arrrr!

And you made HOW many brownies?!?

A Queen and a Captain



A lusty lass and a scurvy dog

Software pirates

Makes ya wanna keep going back to buy tickets, don't it?

TeamWench's fearless leader