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back: Jade, Celly, MisRed, Kestrel, Melissa
front: Alanna, Elizabeth Jane, Rose

Hmm... I wonder if they're all natural redheads. This may require further research. *eg*

And then they started corrupting the local youth

Lance, Evelyn, Celly, Searlas

Teatro di Pecorino Romano!

...and Stupina!

"In the Faery's Ring...

doth the Child Goddess dance."

"Fearlessly doth the Dragon Knight advance."

"Lo, the Hound doth eagerly await."

"Beasts of burden doth contemplate"

"The profoundest peace of circumstance."

"Begging thy pardon Milord, but doth thou know any Ragtime?!"

"Hey Norm, is it hot in that outfit?!?" *g*

Danicia takes up a collection so that her dancing friend can afford the rest of her dress.

Then the Earl of Essex got a tamborine upside his head for singing an old Cher song

The Fantasy Parade

It was pretty fantasical