Keltik's Birthday Bash was a little different than last year's restaurant silliness. This year it was held on the poop deck of the good ship Three Ravens -- in other words, Cronnacht and Keltik's backyard. There was much food, fun and presents.

Last year's theme was "Squick Keltik" or "Penises" depending on who you talk to. This year had more of a piratical theme. I was warned not to do anything potentially embarrassing in front of her parents (I don't know why they thought I was going to do!). Despite wrapping mine and Celly's present in the most innocent of princess wrapping paper, I was still suspect. Even after I swore that it wasn't "bad" but that it was "good", still there were many the suspicious glance cast in my direction.

Once she finally worked up the nerve to open it, she saw that it was indeed good. We got her an Ash (from "Army of Darkness") bobble headed figure for her jeep or desk. And yes, it was the Good Ash, complete with strap-on chainsaw.

*sigh* I'm so misunderstood.

You just can't keep Dani away from the hot meat

Anneliese is thinking about hot meat too

Macguire partaking of some yummies

Zammis, Chris and Anne

Ani getting her baby fix with Aidan

The Gathering

Marcy, Todd and Steve

The First Annual Rennie Tournament-Croquet (FART-C) or "Whack-A-Ball"

The gallery goes quiet...

as Lori takes her shot

The lovely Lori is modeling the newest in croquet fashion

The judges ponder a ruling