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Keltique gets in trouble as soon as we get inside the gates

Of course, the Dread Pirate Russell didn't help matters

The Wyrd Sisters singing

Bethany's butt. Well, it's hard to get her to hold still... for pictures.

Sarah (daughter to Russell and Ani) had her face painted

"What are YOU looking at?!?"

Quick! Nobody make her laugh while she's being painted! *eg*

The finished product! Huzzah!

Sue, Deanna (in the stroller), Sunni, Random (hood), Danae (red hair), Rusty, MacRican and some guy in brown.

Sunni receiving the "Random" bear from Random

Princess Deanna (Ellen's daughter) Awwwwwww!

Hey, it's called the KISSING Bridge. Helloooo!