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FaithyMoo's House Warming

Sherri and Gareth gift the lovely hostess with a box of kitchen items. All of which are very useful to have around... these one's just happened to all have cow print on them.

Here we see Marcy's reaction to Faith's late Christmas gift. I believe there was some sort of estrogen-ladden "payback" thing happening... but what do I know, I'm just a boy.

Now for some reason I'm getting this look from Elf that just sends chills down my spine. I swear I hadn't even done anything... yet.

I did take a picture of Faith's Naked Torso. Impressive, huh?

I don't remember what attrocity Crickett committed, but Lisa sent her to the corner for a Time-Out.

Well, you knew it was coming... Yes boys and girls, Faith was smart enough to buy a house with a ceiling fan in it. Naturally it wasn't long before it was decorated.

Not content with just the normal "decorations", some party participants decided that it needed just a little something extra.
Yes, that is a Bronxelf t-shirt that the anatomically correct blowup cow is wearing...
(Correction, according to our resident cow expert, Lisa, the blowup cow is NOT anatomically correct as "standard cows have four teats, not six." We appologize for any bovine confusion this may have caused. But frankly, we just like hearing her say the word "teats". -The Castle Ogres)

Thus was born the Bondage Cow of Doom! (Frightening, isn't it?)

The next morning, we all had brunch at the Hilton before going our seperate ways.