Saturday, May 5th, many of the DC Otters that couldn't attend the Stockwood for various reasons met at The Melting Pot restaurant to comiserate. It was a nice place, but a tad expensive. Of course when you think about it, it was probably obscenely expensive. I mean, they've got quite the little scam going on over there. They've got the waiters (ours was Dan, who sounded just like a used car salesman when explaining the menu), bartenders, manager... but no cooks. Not really. I'm sure they have someone to cut up the meat and vegetables, but they serve everything raw! You cook it yourself at the table. It was nice though to sit around a big table and share all the food.

Mmmm... that gives me an idea for another dinner. Stay tuned.

Trask and his wife, Kathy

The Dread Pirate Russell and his wife, Ani Moorehead

Chris, Lynda and Kathy

Karen (Ani Moorehead)

Ken, Trask, Kathy

Lynda (Vyxen), Kathy, Bill

Neal and Otter

Trask and Kathy

Lady Kathrine (Kathy) and Liam (Bill)

Kathy and Bill

One of the dessert pots, the Yin Yang

Everyone leaving