Saturday June 23rd saw a huge gathering of otters at the new Jillian's in Arundel Mills mall near Baltimore, MD. Probably about 40 people came and went throughout the evening. We started off with a rockin' hibachi dinner and then moved to the bowling alley for the opening of the presents. We kinda had to since about halfway through out meal about 30 little kids showed up for a birthday party right next to our group. I suggested switching the presents with them, but for some reason that didn't go over too well.

So everyone was trying to make Keltik twitch... there was body lotion, latex, novelty items, body paints, etc. She seemed to be taking most of it in stride until she got to my present. For some reason she saved that one for last.... must have been the Pokemon Christmas paper I wrapped it in and the fact that I kept pointing out that it *could* be an umbrella.

It wasn't. ::EG::

After she regained her composure... and we gave Jim CPR... the June Birthday Babies then blew out some candles and we all had our cake... and ate it. *g* Then it was time for the Great Otter Bowling Tournament! ::trumpets blaring, drums pounding, crowds cheering:: A mighty struggle ensued (mainly to find a decent bowling ball) and in the end, her High Holy Pinkiness didst emerge victorious! It was actually a three way tie in the 9th between Danicia, the Dread Pirate Russell and myself. Naturally I insisted that everyone had to "granny-bowl" the last frame. *sigh* It's really sad watching a grown man heave a 15 lb ball into the gutter from between his legs. I'm just glad I wasn't wearing a kilt...

The rest of the evening was mostly just hanging out and chatting. The neat part was when they turned out the regular lights and turned on the blacklighting. I tried to get decent pictures for you, my dear reader, but the batteries in the ClanCamera were dying.

Jim, Ani, Russell and Ed

"Doc", Sunni and her hubby, Geoffrey

Danicia sending some love

Bill & Kathy

Renfoole, Emerald Dragon and Godling

Hey! How come Danicia got her own private dancer?!?

Joe, Cyd and Keetara

Ani catching a riceball... in her mouth.(<--Insert your own joke)

Danicia's turn

The talent of our chef is revealed

A Cat in a Hat

A Kelt in a Hat