The Dread Pirate Russell and Ani Moore-MacDobhran threw a fun and food filled bash for Halloween on Saturday, October 27th. There was much silliness, as you can see, and lots of good food. And just for the record... the whole Shepherd/Sheep idea was all Celly's. *g*

Cronnacht as some kind of barbarian. Quite a stretch, huh? *g*

JustLori as... well, I'm not entirelly sure, but DAMN! Shrew's a lucky man. *eg*(BTW, the shirt says "YOU THINK you know me")

The lucky man himself, Shrew

Celly McFae talking to the Emerald Dragon

Keltik as a Bad Fairy...

And Keltik as a Good Fairy. Which one do YOU like better? *eg*

The bright and shining Sunnidae as the maudlin clown-character Pierrot. I don't know if anyone caught the irony or not...

Magenta "Nikki" MacDobhran as... well, who the hell cares!? *leer*

Who's yer shepherd? I am! *g* And my flock of one (Celly McFae).

Josie and Flame. *whew* Is it hot in here?!?

Caught red-handed... er, white-nosed

Gonar the Barbarian

Gonar adjusts his go.... um, nevermind.

Yeah, the banana helps. *g*

Gonar shows off the fruit of his loins... er, looms... er, or something.

Hey! How did that pic get in there?!?!

JustLori taking care of Gonar's banana

Sunniar the Barbarian-like


(I had to snap this one quick before she started giggling again *g*)

Just some horny guy and a sheep...

I don't know what they're talking about but it looks highly amusing