On March 24, 2001, a few people gathered at Kate's Irish Pub to celebrate Cronnacht's (Jim) 30th birthday. Okay, so most people just showed up for the booze *g* because they damn sure didn't come for the band (more on that later). By my estimation, there were at least 50 people there. I think only this last New Year's Eve Kilted Invasion was larger. I didn't see everything, but it appeared the birthday boy made out pretty well in the present department, receiving among other things, a short claymore. The company, as always, was good. Although the band sucked ass. I mean, they weren't even remotely good. They butchered the tempo of almost every song they performed and probably couldn't have stayed on key if you held a gun to their heads. On the upside, I even got some hugs and smooches from the wenches. I also met a couple of lovely new wenches (grrrrowl...) and even had a hard cider. Oh, and did a wee bit of plotting with some of my fellow Rogues. *eg*

Below are a few pictures that naturally don't do the evening justice.

Reba does a horny little dance

Birthdayboy Jim joins

More dancing

Edward & Randy

Jim opening some prezzies

Taking pictures is funny
I never wanted to be a plate before...

And then a limbo broke out...

Sherry and Faith

Say "Cheeeeese"!