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Random shots from the first four weeks

Mmmm... a feast for the eyes

EJ ponders

Marcy says goodbye in true Snarky fashion.

Pricket's Court

Robin the Scribner, drunk in court!

The MDRF Wenches get a new Himbo!

Columbina with her leetle friend

Lynn, Xandriel and Patricia

Lynn, Xandriel, Patricia and Reba... *le sigh*

The Noble Donna

Sherry, she who should be her own flavor. Yummy! *eg*

And "She Who DOESN'T Blend!" Capt. Khitata *eg*

Nope. Still not blending, you Purple Pirate of Pettable Pleasure, you. *weg*

Oooo... lookie what I found!! Can I keep her?! Pretty please??

Invasion Weekend!

~ Meet And Greet ~

Otters, otters everywhere

... more otters

Her Fluffiness holding court

Rogue's a-plotting

Mr. & Mrs. KenandPatricia *g*

Donna, the Pirate

Karen and Bliss

Mmmmm... Invasion Wenches

Trask and Jon der Peasant

And yes, you've asked, you've begged, you've sent me your small children. I now present *ta-da!* the Clanchief's New Clothes! (Ummm... now would you please take your spawn back. They're eating all the good cookies!

And of course, no meal is complete until you have desert. *eg*

~ During the day... ~

Columbina shows off her... talent. *eg*

The Clanlad shows his warface! Be afraid.
(Shirt by Donna of Original Sin)

MiniRay, my godson.

Big toddler boy... kinda walks like his father. Maybe I'll get them a 5 gallon drum of talcum powder for Christmas.

~ Invasion Dinner ~

Who says we don't have balls?? Well, one anyway...

A Rogue gets even with the Glove O' Love!

Sherry and what appears to be Satan's accountant. Oh, it's only Ralph.

And once again, me in tights, because it's MY damn site! *g*

And the last two weekends
~ Rose Tag ~

And so the Wenches decide to start trouble by doing a Rose Tag hit on the Godling

Then it was the Emerald Dragon's turn

Of course I'm still looking splendiferous in my tights...

As is Donna in all her foppishness

Then there was assorted weirdness at dinner

Nobody wants to know what Neal is doing

Dante on the White Heart wall

~ The Day of Wrong ~

If you look closely, you can almost see Gareth and John...

Hey there, pretty momma... the King and his woman have arrived...

For this much anticipated event, Dante turned into a Hot Pink Freak...

You couldn't swing a dead cow without hitting Otters dressed... Wrong

You're just not Wrong enough until you have cowprint

And all too soon, the MDRF 2000 season was at it's... end.