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Well, typically...I procrastinated too long and I have no review of the first couple weekends of VARF. Deal with it. But just so you won't take your pail and shovel and go sit and a corner crying, I've got lots of pretty images for you to enjoy. *g* No, no....don't thank me. The psychotic smiles on your perverted little faces is all the thanks I need. Really.

if you'll excuse me....I'm going to go check the America's Most Wanted website for each and everyone of your little mugs.

The Queen's parade
What a smile! :-)
Ahhhhh choooooo!!!

The infamous Rogueing of Columbina
The Approach
The <ahem> Insertion
The Finale
Raymond's turn

Rogueing Khitata
... more Khitata

The Great Nutella Incident

Ray and Sharon relaxing

Me and Allie

Liam and Katherine

The Queen's Rogueing
...the Preparation
...the Approach
...Joe Ogulin
...the Cheer

Hanging at the Lundegaard wagon
Marcy's got bunnyears!
Marcy's got um, something on her neck!