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Friday night several otters decended on The Fun Factory in Alexandria to see Michele's Comedy Sportz troupe. MistressMuz, TrinityDawn, Rach, Ken, Patricia, Ian, Joe Ogulin, Emerald Dragon, Eddie Eade and myself all sat at a table stage left...which just happened to be the side that Michele's team was on. Coincidence? *g* Comedy Sportz is sort of an expanded version of "Who's Line Is It Anyway?". Ken and Patricia's Ian got to be a judge at one point...but voted for the *wrong* team. I imagine they had a stern talk with him because he voted correctly the next time. *g* At certain times, the referee (Jim Neeb) would ask us, the loyal fans, to yell out phrases or suggestions. Now Jim, who works at MDRF, knows who we are....but it's his job. Although he did exclude us at one point when someone on the other side of the room shouted "Renaissance!" as a time period suggestion. LOL

The Dragon finally managed to work in "Weezoh's" for the game of "185's" and Michele got us all with her joke. "185 weasals walk into a bar, the bartender says, 'Sorry, we don't serve weasels here.' So the weasals all shake their fists and say, 'Why, I OTTER!'" It was at that point I think that I ruptured my spleen.

Eddie's contribution is the title to this section. The whole place turned to stare at him. I'm now a little more than concerned for Eddie's homelife. *g*

Well, Saturday started out as most Saturday's do during Faire season....I missed Gate. hehehe. Run into many friends both old and new, some with just new additions... when someone whispers, "Go to the Forrest Inn." So, of course, I do. And what do I see? Kristoff, the Insulter delivering a wonderful tirade to the Snipe. ROFLMAO!! I wish I had video or a tape was too funny. Then it was soon time for....the Rogueings! And boy did we ever Rogue... and Rogue... and Rogue. Gee, all that Rogueing sure does make you it's off to dinner.

Well, Cat's Paws wasn't the only animal to make an appearance at the dinner. While Ray and I are innocently instructing Bill (Lady Kathy's husband) and Ken on how to wear a kilt (using a cloth napkin), the most wicked Vicky did present me with yet another blow up sheep. And yes, she is anatomically correct. It seems this "lass" traveled all the way from Texas. And I'm pretty sure which Wenches had a hand in this...hmmmm...I sense a bit of revenge planning is in order here. *weg*

I arrive after gate on Sunday (hey, it's still before noon!) with Khitata and Dhannti, who are both radiant in their new dresses...even though Khit continues to threaten a costume change at the first opportunity. :-P They head over to the A.Y.L.I. tent and I go over to see Spectre. While I'm talking to him (and picking out a new shirt), I spot Emerald Dragon going into a shop. I saunter over to check with him about the days activities and find him talking with Kathy and Bill...who is *kilted*! Wheeeeee....I guess my directions actually worked! Bill is picking out a penanular brooch and I notice his shoulder plaid is a bit tight...incidently, that's the hardest to part to tell someone what to do with. So I show him a couple of quick ways to deal with it, he picks out a nice brooch and he's all set.

At this point Neal and I wander off to chat about the day, kiss a few hands along the way and meet up with White Dragon and Dawntreader. We all head over to the Forest Inn for food and beverage and that's the last I see of Neal for the day. I do however spy Crickett and Alison in line so me being me, I sneak up on Alison and poke her in the ribs causing her to squeal like a Catholic school girl on Prom Night. *weg* She makes vague threatening noises, but I know she loves me too much to follow through on them. hehehehe Oops...outloud voice again. You know she may be right about one thing...I never do learn. ROFL

After I eat and chat with some people for awhile, I start to head over to the A.Y.L.I. tent. While passing the flower booth, I see Bethany, Crickett, Alison, Joe O. and Otter all talking with Whitney, the faboo gentleman that owns the booth. Once again...none of my business, but does that stop me from stopping and listening in? Noooooooo........ It seems since there were three Wenches of Madam status present, they were reviewing Whitney's desire to join the IWG. Two of them were all for it, but it seems since Bethany didn't know him, she wanted proof of his wenching capibilities. That's right...guess who 'volunteered' to be his victim. Ya know...there's that damn learning thing again. *eg* Well, I WAS wearing my St. Wilde Guild favour. hehehehehe

So, Whitney tells me to just stand right there. He proceeds to take off his belt and apron while the peanut gallery makes general comments about the 16 shades of red I'm turning. When he's ready, he gives me a look. Not quite the ErictQ look, but pretty close. He strolls up to me and starts running his hands on my chest and arms, crooning endearments while he circles me, then he rubs up against me and wraps his leg around, too much information? *eg* About that time Bethany says something to the effect of "Okay, he's in." Everyone cheers and I look around and say, "What? Nobody has a stinking camera?!?!" So naturally I ask him to stage it again while I give my camera to Crickett. As Whitney starts to approach he notices a scrap of blue ribbon on the ground, asks if it's mine and if I want it replaced. I say, "It's not mine, but feel free to show off your bow tying abilities." *sigh* I really am on the short side of that learning curve. He discards the scrap and gets a fresh length of ribbon. I'm not sure if he was working on some kind of merit badge or what, but he seemed to be taking an awfully long time down there. *weg* Once he got done and Crickett had snapped a shot, he thanked me for being a good sport. "No problem, you're not the first gay man I've had under my kilt." hehehehe...I thought his head was going to explode right then and there.

The End.