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Rib-bit...or "A Scotsman can run, baaah he can't hide"

Raymond, Sharon and I make it down to the Land of Nascar late Thursday night and after the initial hassle of checking in, we went to our rooms and crashed.

Friday morning I startled awake an hour early by the chorus of dogs barking outside my room. *sigh* Seems there was a dog show at the State Fair grounds right by the our Faire this weekend. After a slow start (hey, it was a brand new kilt!) and a Snipe Memorial Breakfast Special from Hardee's, we're off to work our first Faire. We arrive and after many hugs and hellos, we all head over to the jousting arena to greet the hordes (3,000) of incoming children. In order to get our blood moving (did I mention it was butt-numbingly cold?!?!?!) we start off with a few songs and then some interacting with the children before the official start of the show. At that point since most of us didn't have anything to do with the joust (and it was FREEZING!!) we all head off to rendevous at the McArggh Manor Annex.

SURVEY SEZ!!?!?!............ 8!!
The question? Well, let's just say it's a good thing those McArggh's are all family. Or not. *g* Once Vicky, Xandriel, Steve and Michele get there, it's off to Fat Daddy's for lunch. Then it's back to site for some rehersal, which oddly enough we never actually do. The stage wasn't quite finished and by the time it was, it was raining and freezing again. Vicky suggests a place called Darryl's (GREAT food!!) for dinner and so it's back to the hotels to change. When what to our wondering eyes should appear, but the RenRedNeck, John and Lisa, his dear. (Sorry. <hanging head in shame>) With much glee and snickering I'm presented with a pair of boxers. Red ones. Red ones with little white sheep all over them. Sheep Joke #1.

Saturday dawned overcast, windy and COLD. We're off to site where Ray and I (okay, it was mostly me.) start to get down to some serious freaking out about this skit. Opening Gate comes and lo, MORE otters materialize. Randy and LynneD, Wulfie and Morghana, Ken, Patricia, her son and daughter (who is just the cutest mirror image of her mother! *g* Oh, just shoosh all of you....I know she's 17....which I was constantly reminded of by her mother. *g*) As John commented when shown the lambs in the petting zoo, "He may be Scots, but he's no pedophile."

Sheep Joke #2.

Contrary to Saturday, Sunday dawned bright and sunny with much promise. Inspired by the Springlike weather, John and Lisa decided to renew their vows. About 25 otters showed up. I'm not sure if it was for moral support or to make sure neither of them ran off. *g*

Played at Gate again, then went to spend the morning shopping. Of course, a vendor just had to have sheep pins. I'm not even going to try and repeat what was said there, suffice to say.... Sheep Joke #3.

The morning progresses full of those last minute details until ....ACK!! It's time for us!

Now I've never claimed to be an actor. In fact I've done everything possible to discourage any stray thoughts in that direction. And Vicky didn't give me any choice in the matter...she does control the mead afterall. *g* Besides Ray and I were only joking about making a run for the back gate. Well, mostly joking. But the show must go on, so we tried to remember ourlines and not run into each other. I think there were only a couple minor hitches. Saturday, we were told to be louder and Sunday one of the rats prematurely left the stage. But we DID IT!! Wheeeeeee!!! I think I even heard a couple peoplelaugh. *g*

The next part of our three part skit was theparade to bring the Queen her birthday cake. Vicky (the Baroness) and Xandriel (her Lady-in-Waiting)lead us over to the Queen's pavilion. On the way, a small waif steals many a fingertip of icing which encourages several patrons to get into the act. (NOT the *top* cake!!! which, BTW, had a different special message to the Queen each day...hehehehe) Along the way, we're stalked by Wenches and Rogueish bandits. One of whom (Joe! hehehe), took a wee tumble on Sunday and answered the *other* universal question about what's worn under a Scotsmans kilt. Then Vicky is ravished by a dashing Rogue, the top layer of cake is stolen by another and <GASP!!> the Wenches destroy the Queen's cake!!

Being the superior French baker that I am, I was prepared for this on Sunday and prepared a *second* cake for the Queen! Ha! How was I supposed to know about the pirates (The Ship's Company). And if it wasn't enough that pirates attacked the cake, who should lead the charge but that traitorous Italian wench....Columbina!!!

On Sunday, I quickly kilted for the last couple of hours of the Faire and spent it shopping with Khitata (I *still* can't believe you made it!! *s*) and some of her friends. Then gave two more Ren Geek tests. Trong Trongersoll, Jeremy (our Duke of Westmoreland), Silverwillow, Vince Conaway and Simon Mott all passed and received their Ren Geek pins this weekend. Huzzah!

So with aching muscles, tired feet and a smile on my face, I bid farewell to NCRF for another year and began the trek home....three sheep jokes to the wind.