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A Scots impression of VARF...or "Much Rejoicing Didst Ensue"

Harken thusly ye lads and lassies that ye may know the tale of a wandering Scot, a wee bit of drink, friends both new and old, a wee bit of drink, warriors, wenches, Gods, Goddesses and a wee bit of drink.

Once, in the not so distant past, in a place known as Staffordshire (Lady DeVine), didst a wandering Scot take a brief respite from his journeys. Though the darkened skies didst threaten rain, evenso a Faire hadst been prepared in honor of the Queens visit. It so happened that upon yon Scots arrival at the gates of said shire was he by happenstance meeted with one Big Jake Humphries (Dean Calin) and his companion Mark. Much rejoicing didst ensue.

Upon entering the gates didst yon Scotsman proceed with much haste to a known establishment and there didst purchase a most bonny pouch with which to carry his wee Flemish Painter about. Being muchly satisfied, the wandering Scot didst proceed to the Knightsbridge Tavern in search of a wee bit of drink. Who did he find there, but none other than Mistress Catherine (AKNative) and even so Good Master Ray (Harldavid) and his lovely bride to be, Sharon (Ray & Sharon). Marsaili (The Mead Goddess) and the gentle Princess Sammi (RenRugRat) didst also joineth them there. And much rejoicing didst ensue.

Lo, didst the two then stroll about the shire in search of others of their ilk. When upon passing near many of the merchants of fine eatables, didst they spy quite a crowd of the very same people that they didst seek. Suddenly, like a glorious rainbow colored bolt of lightening, the wee Goddess of Love (Xandrial & Columbina) didst rush upon the Scot and bestow upon him an embrace to put a mortal woman to shame. Verily then was the Scotsman introduced to Good Master Robert Dowland (Grant), who made his Godly presence known through his every word and deed, and also the Good Doctor Croaker (Steve), who true to his occupation didst keep the populous in stitches. Normtuba, LynneD and her Good Husband (Lynne & Randy), all of which were known to the Scot, were also in attendance (AFR Groupshot). And much rejoicing didst ensue.

En masse didst the troupe then make way to the Booth of Solstice (Fine Purveyors of Quality Cloaks), there to seek the goodly comfort and companionship of Angela & Tina (Lavndar & SSGRich). After a much joyous arrival didst Master Dowland produce a stringed instrument and delight one and all with the gentle and sometimes baudy melodies that be his fame (AFR "Pubsing"). Many a fairegoer didst stop (Two women) and marvel at the tones emanating therein. Verily even the rain that didst at oft times come in torrents could not dampen the spirits of so many gathered in friendship and celebration. And much rejoicing didst ensue.

Laughter, singing and general merriment were the order of the day. And yea didst the merry band of revelers go hence unto the nearest city and there didst they findeth a tavern in which to sup. Serving wenches didst lay fine fare upon the banquet table and the drink didst flow freely. And none didst leave that grand table that were not satiated. And much rejoicing didst ensue.

Upon the next rising of the sun didst the wandering Scot venture once again to Staffordshire. There didst he renew many a friendship and e'en so didst the day progress muchly as the day before. Our braw Scotsman were muchly surprised when it were made known to him that the persons of Master Kenneth and his Goodwife Patricia (Ken & Patricia) didst seek him out mightily. It was then, soon after the conclusion of a masterful reading by The Swordsmen (Dirk & Guido) of their own Magnum Opus upon The Pirate Stage, that Master Kenneth and Goodwife Patricia didst greet the Scot. Mistress Patricia didst, in most assured confidence, confess to the Scotsman that she were exceedingly grateful for his causing her to 'kitten' as it were. Most naturally was our young Scot startled that the lass didst profess to delight in this joyous spewage, but alas he didst maintain his most civilized demeanor and thank her for her words of kindness. After all, she was a very bonny lass indeed. And much rejoicing didst ensue.

Once again didst the Faire fellows retire to the tent of the Sisters of Solstice and therein once again didst they revel in song and good cheer (Jester). All too soon there after didst, one by one and two by two, the group fade off into the lead darkened evening to return to hearth and kin amidst promises to meet anon when once again wouldst....much rejoicing ensue.

(I fear I would be in error if I did not point out that these pictures were taken over the run of VARF. One picture that I could not place in the story, but would be remiss if I didn't include it, was this one of the Bronxelf at VARF.)