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It's not just a Faire...It's an ADVENTURE!

Swwooooooooosh! Okay, so the flight was fairly boring..... except for the cute blonde flight attendant. When I finally land in Austin, I walk off the plane to see the freakiest group of people I'd seen in a long time. I start to relax when I realize it's only the flight crew. Then I see.....OTTERS!! Donna, Erika (in a tux!!), Thomas and what's this? A sacrificial wench as a welcoming present? For ME?!? *sigh* Okay, so she wasn't a present for me.....but she was cute! Anyway.... we all go back to Donna's house and eat some faboo-leux Scottish eggs that Erika made, worried about the weekend weather and watched a little anime. *Honey Flash!* I also gave out my very first favours and got EekGeek and a DonnaOtter favours! Wheeeeeee!!

Damn....why do we always have to get up so early for these things? It's raining as we get on the road for our 2.5 hour drive to TRF so naturally we blame Lisa (hehehehehe). As we cruise along in Jaime's truck, I begin to wonder.... I'm sitting here going about 70 mph down a rain-slicked highway with a girl who calls herself "Freak"....voluntarily, and a guy who's nickname is "Crash". *twitch* Once we arrive, we have to drive around twice before Donna spots the Otter banner. We pull in, throw up the tents, finish getting dressed....okay, so *I* finished getting dressed....jeesh, let it go willya?

We sashey on into TRF and make a beeline for the Sea Dog Tavern where everyong is supposed to meet. From there I rush off to Fellowship Foundry to meet Nika (who ROCKS! almost as much as Bethany!) and pick up the Ren Geek pins that Kevin (Thanks Gosh!!) sent down for me. When I made it back, I already had a line waiting to take the test. *lol* I tested a whole raft of otters from lurkers to semi-lurkers to the lovely Rose Garten (hehehe, she kissed me!) to the Queen Herself, Bestine (she bounces!), did I mention that I LOVE testing?!?! We also found The Tudor Tarts, Eizabeth and Kathy (hmmm, they didn't seem all that tart...), Liz the RenFaire Junkie (nope...not tart either!), Kendra (verra sweet actually), Michael Dane Harris (could have been tart...I declined to check. *g*), Greg Grindstaff (The Tickle God) and a host of, others. Then it was off to see the Corsairs. Wow....what harmonies....what lyrics....what a large non-squeaking squeak toy they had. Or maybe they were just glad to see me? Speaking of squeaking..... we did ramble on over to see Mandalyn and squeeze her toy. (*sigh* that always makes me feel better for some reason...) Since she was still fighting off her plague, we didn't bother her too long. Eventually we made it back to the Sea Dog and enjoyed the view, dove for grapes and just generally made merriment.

We ambled around some more and then went to catch the last Rogue's show. Then it happened. The curse of Lisa finally caught up with us (people just don't realize the kind of power she has...*g*). It rained. And rained. And rained. By the time we got back to the camp site, we were all soaked and having lovely thoughts of warm, dry hotel rooms.....well, I was anyway. But luckily, Jaime and Donna knew some people who had an RV with a canopy which we extended with a tarp. So we splish-splashed over, got out of the rain (mostly) and had some food. Hot dogs, beer, beef stew, beer, shark, beer, tuna, know, yer everyday after-fair faire. *g* Most of us drank and ate it....but of course, Erika just *had* to be different and wear hers. But I must say nobody can pull off a beef stew and mud combo like she can. *lol*

After food, came the great "Do we stay or do we go now" debate... since it had stopped raining, and the inside of the tents seemed dry we decided to stay. Bad idea. About an hour after we crawled into the tents, it started to pour...and pour....and pour. *sigh* It was an adventure. Well, that's what we kept telling ourselves anyway.

Sunday dawned bright and mostly dry. At least it wasn't raining anymore. So we squished into some combination of wet and dry garb and headed for the gate. We started off the day with a little guerrilla shopping and then headed over to the Sea Dog to catch some otters. We found Liz, then Kendra and Michael Harris.... got a Mandi favour *s* and ran across Greg and his lovely bride a couple of times during the day. We saw the parade and some of the costumes there are incredible. The rest of the afternoon was spent shopping which doesn't make for a very exciting story, but I did buy a hat. A grand fine hat. Technically I think it was actually the Horniest Hat in Texas. Which is appropriate because I was the....well, nevermind. I also picked up a kickin' new mug made of purple heartwood. *bigkiltedhugsandsmooches* for Lori the bonny sales wench at Wonderous Wood Works for digging up the perfect mug and knowing what to do with that Kiss Card.....

All too soon it was time to go....*sniff*. We made the rounds, goodby hugs and kisses abounded, and then we made the long trek out to the truck. The trip back to Austin was pretty uneventful except for the McSilliness of McJaime and McDonna. :-) And so ends my Faire season. I'm already having withdrawls and plotting and scheming for next VERY afraid.