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Puddlemush takes a trip

To start my tale, I must go back to the beginning, which as we all know is almost the perfect place to start. I was born in a hospital in.....waitaminute, perhaps not quite that far back.....

So I go up to NJ and spend the night with two of my most favorite people in the whole world, John & Lisa ROCKS!!. Now unless you've spent the last few months living in a tent in the Himalayas, you should know that they *ROCK*!! I have never seen any two people more in love than these two wild and crazy party animals. It's inspiring actually, until they get all mushy and kissey-faced, then it's just icky. *g* Anyway, I show up ready for debauchery, naked time and rotating undergarments and what do we spend the evening doing? Putting together a jigsaw puzzle of a cute, little, black and white kitty-cat half in a bag with a pretty pink background. Oh just shut up, all of you...*g* wasn't as easy as it sounds. There were an awful lot of those stinkin' little pink pieces......

John, Lisa, Alison, Elf, Cassius and myself take two cars and drive up to Oswego. Everyone of them smirking, I'm sure, at having roped my big unkilted butt into going (in the heart, guys....*s*). The only really interesting thing to note is that when travelling with sleepy Goddesses.... do NOT order the saugage gravy.

Saturday morning when we get up, it's raining. Just a little, but it's enough. Everyone's still in good spirits though when we get to the site and we head straight for the infamous Master Mario and his Sacks of Whacks. I didn't get to talk to him much, but I think I'd be hard pressed to find a finer man anywhere. We also met up with the Carver Contingent which consisted of Glenn Fieldenstreeme, Justin Little and a host of 'otters'. We mostly spent the day wondering around, shopping, getting drenched and listening to comments such as "Hey, look, wet spandex!". We called it a day fairly early and went back to the hotel for a little nappy-poo.

After nap time, we all got ready and went to join the rest of the rennies at a place called "The Little While". Great place with HUGE portions of some really good Italian food. Somehow the subject of Alison's various body parts came up. Funny how that keeps happening. *lol* Personnally, I blame Glenn. My best advice when eating with a group of rennies after a fast. Any minute someone will say something (or do something) and unless you're a big fan of kittening.....'nuff said.

The Gods and Goddesses of weather must have accepted the sacrifices of beer bottles, brain cells and Monty Python (Helloooo! My *brain* hurts!) from Saturday night, because Sunday dawned gloriously. A brilliant blue sky, a lovely breeze and temperatures in 70's were the rule of the day. That morning also saw the indroduction of the newest kilted lad for Clan MacDóbhran. John strapped on a great kilt of red and green and strode boldly about the shire with his ladylove Lisa (who was having an *amazing* hootie day, BTW) upon his arm. Bronxelf, the only one of the group that I had seen in garb before, looked stunning as ever and decorated everyone with kisses. Cassius, dressed all in black, was every inch the Drow. And Alison (The Three Beauties), hitherto known as Rusty, was absolutely breathtaking in her chainmaille, leather and (dry) spandex. I felt completely naked in my t-shirt and shorts. <sigh>

Early on in the day we saw a Don Juan & Miguel show (which I *highly* recommend). At one point in their show Miguel is walking through the audience looking for a "volunteer". Now being that I was in civvies and considering the company I was keeping, I fully expected to be picked. But amazingly enough all I got was the comment, "You just frighten me." Hmmmm, I wonder if Miguel is psychic.....

Jump forward to the afternoon and Don Juan and Miguel's Weird Show (which is their last one of the day...) and there we are sitting in the audience again. This time I was the third person in the row, between Elf and Alison, so I figured I was safe enough. HA!! It seems that ever since the first show, my wonderous companions had been plotting to have me dragged up on stage. (I swear, you can dress them up but you can't take them anywhere. *rofl*) So, about half way through the show they come to their famous "Bladder Bust" portion of the show and, naturally, they need a volunteer. For some reason, everyone seems to take a childish delight in pointing and hollering at ME! I was willing to go along and I start to rise when:

Miguel: "They're all pointing to him!"
Don Juan:"Then pick the pointers!!"
(hehehehehehehehe.....<happy kilt dance>)

Since Elf happened to be the closest one to the end of the bench (and not necessarily the one I *told* them to pick...), she was escorted up on stage. I must say she really got into it while onstage and we all laughed uproarously. (baaaah!)

We all made sure to meet up with Glenn and his crew for the pub sing, which was held on a small stage near the Master Mario's Pillows of Pleasure. This was the first *official* pub sing I've ever attended and I was surprised that I knew most of the songs already (Thank you, Grant & Vicky for that lyric book!). It was an excellent end to grand day.

I mean how else could I have gotten so lucky and spent the weekend with some of the most faboo people on the planet? I really want to thank each and everyone of you, both new friends and old, for having made these last few days the best weekend of my life. I honestly wouldn't trade the time I had for an extra thousand years of life.

I love you the heart. *s*