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MDRF: The Next Generation

The ever lovely Goddess of Mead and the most lovely Princess Sammi didst arrive upon the lowly Puddlemush's doorstep on Friday evening. Hugs and mead were distributed with enthusiasm and The Sweet Princess Sammi (Vicky's daughter) was introduced to the The Dashing Prince Jason (my son). He immediately hid in his grandmother's lap. Hey! He's three. *g* Of course an hour later and they're both tearing around the house pulling out every toy they can find.

Well, everyone was awake by 7:30am and we left the house early enough, and according to Vicky, I drove fast enough, but alas we did not make gate on Saturday...I think we must have passed through some kind of time distortion gate. But naturally, I'll take the blame for it....*sniff* Just call me the AFR fallguy...*boo-hoo* Okay, enough of that. Haven't you people realized that I am *not* an early riser?!?!

and Peg and Eddie and Ray, oh my! You couldn't go 5 feet without seeing another Otter. It was GREAT! *g* Then we met Columbina in front of K. Dopita as she was about to sit down to a lucious feast. Xan came out of her booth for a minute, resplendant in her new black outfit. Va-va-va-voom! *eg* From there we proceed down to the Dragon Inn to find other otters. Or would that be "otter otters"? Anyway, we find Mistress Kathy (The Filler of Cups), Liam (her husband, Bill), Knotcarver, Lisa (who doth Rocketh!), John (THE Rock), the Demonseed (Samantha, Lexi and Travis the TrickyOne) and everyone's favorite....Wench #3-6-9!!

Teatro di Pecorino Romano (Michele & Steve) is KICKIN' (and Flippin')!!! Ye must get to the Globe Theater at the hour of 12 and 30 to catch this show! Stragglers shall be persecuted verbally, ridiculed publically and be generally thought less of. After our deathly close encounter, we wondered around a bit mostly stopping often to pet the horses, watch the water fountain and play on the, it was all Jason's idea. Honest. I think he wanted to get away from all those icky girls that kept drooling over him. *g* He's three! At least I got him in a kilt and taught him to untie bodices. Hehehehehehe.....

Tired and generally worn out, we all headed for the final Pub Sing at the White Heart. It's a decent show, but personally I would prefer the more well known songs. But that's just my opinion. After the pub sing, we all went out to dinner at Fuddruckers. Everyone was pretty wiped out, so we ate quickly and rushed back to Casa di Idleman for much needed showers and baths.

Either we were all too tired or there were too many kids around, but there was no naked time. Of course, Ray and Sharon don't have a ceiling fan either.....*eg* so we watched "The Princess Bride". What else? *g* After that, somehow "Face Off" got put in to the VCR. Only the die hards, or crack addicts, stayed up to watch it though.

This is the cry repeated by Jason the whole morning until we pulled into the parking lot. I love him and all, but.....jeesh. *g* That plea changed almost instantly to "I wanna go down the slide on the pirate ship, Da!" *sigh* I knew it was going to be a long day.... But just so you don't think I am the ogre that the memos proclaim, we did all that and more. We watched a joust, met up with some friends of mine who came in civvies...yes, Carisa and Jen, this means YOU! *g* The English Slave Dog (Tony) showed up sans hat and doublet. Speaking of doublets, Eddie *finally* showed up in garb!!! Yay!! We spent a lot of time sitting around the Dragon Inn on Sunday which was a good thing, because we had excellent seats for The Rogues and then for Women of Whimsey. We even got a private sing-a-long with Cassandra (Laura). *g* And Stupina showed up and was as charming as ever. ::wink::

For some reason known only to her and whatever demons reside in her head, Lisa decided that it would be really fun to walk up and yank chest hairs out of the roots! This falls somewhere between waxing and being dragged across broken glass by wild horses after having been clubbed like a baby seal on the Pain-O-Meter. Of course I loved every minute of it. *eg* I think she was trying to use it as a distraction so Sharon could get close enough to flip up my kilt. It didn't work though and don't let them tell you any different either. They even tried to recruit my own flesh and blood to the Dark Side..... those..... those..... WENCHES! I mean really! Trying to teach that to an innocent little three year old. Luckily he's trickier than both of them.

Actually it's probably genetics. *g*