Welcome to the official stronghold and website for Clan MacDóbhran! I am your host, Gareth James Malcolm MacDougall MacDobhran. (The first one that says "Da plane, da plane!" is gonna get such a thwap! -ed.) So while touring the castle, please stay with the group, keep yer head and arms inside the vehicle at all times and for Pete's sake, don't run up and down the hallways with the claymores!

As I said, I am Gareth, a single (*ahem* but NOT available, thankyouverymuch.), 35 year-old, guy in a kilt (and now, occassionally TIGHTS. Pettable tights!) I am engaged to the most wonderful and supportive woman I've ever known, Celly McFae. (Plus she's got a body to kill for! ::wink::) I am also the Clanchief for the Clan MacDobhran, a fictitious Scottish clan that I made up one day after a long, sleepless night of cold pizza, second rate scotch and a dwarven stripper named Lucille. (I'm kidding... I'd never drink second rate scotch. *g*) Anyway, I decided that I should at least have a Scottish clan name and history since I attend all these Renaissance Faires. So I thought about it and something that someone on the newsgroup Alt.Fairs.Renaissance said came to my mind while trying to think of a name for my newly conceived clan. She said that, "I must have been an otter in another life, because I like to have fun so much." Well, the pizza must have finally hit my ulcer because I suddenly thought "Hmmm, otters...". And so the Clan MacDobhran was born (dobhran is a Gaelic word meaning 'otter'... there's supposed be a little accent mark over the 'o' but it doesn't come through in most fonts. So I leave it off.) I told a couple of people about my brilliant idea and suddenly people were lining up to join. Needless to say, I wasn't really prepared for that so I decided to keep it simple. You can make up any character you want, wear whatever you want and do whatever you want. In other words, there is just one rule: "Have fun!"

Okay, one rule and an ammendment. "Have fun, but don't call me for bail money!"