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Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Holiday Weekend

Wet. Very wet. And not in a good way.

I spent the weekend down in NC trying to get ready for the Great Northern Migration. Unfortunately the rain and some health issues kept us from getting nearly as much done as we should have. We did take down some rotted railing, wash the carport ceiling, sand a bunch of posts and rails for painting and clear out the front flower bed. Okay, so we didn't clear out the front flower bed because it was choked with huge trees and brambles. We had to get someone with a truck and chainsaw to do it but it did get done.

The next time I go down we'll be painting everything outside of the house that needs painting. Hopefully the rain will have frickin' stopped by then. Then we'll focus more on the inside of the house and start packing things in boxes. I'm hoping to be painting inside the house in early to mid July. It'll be hot and yucky probably but that can't be helped now.

It's going to be a close call trying to get her moved before MDRF -- even going down there every other weekend. The thing is though, we have to get the house mostly done and most of her things boxed up before we can start looking at places to live in VA.

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